Simple thoughts from a Simple Guy


Welcome to my blog..Feel free to discuss anything with me.

Here you will find my personal humble opinion on topics that I hope will touch the hearts and minds of my readers.

One day I will die but my thoughts will live on, so if you find any negative dark thoughts please advice me..Thank you

I’m addicted to art :) it’s one of these few things that remind us we are human.

I ‘m a graphic designer with an engineering background , at the beginning graphics was a hobby but now it’s my life career.

I work as a freelance webdesigner, you can checkout my website here:

Feel free to follow me on twitter:!/Magdoub : )

and I write my design thoughts here:

السلام عليكم أهلا صباح الخير : )

إللى عايز يناقش معايا أى موضوع بقول له بكل سعة صدر يتفضل..أنا بحب أعرف غلطاتى وأعرف رأى الناس فى كل الموضوعات.

أنا بكتب عشان أوجعلك دماغك وأخليك تفكر ;)

إحنا مش بتناقش عشان نشوف مين أحسن من مين لازم يكون غرضنا إحنا الإثنين إنه نوصل للحقيقة.

الأفكار تعيش والناس تموت وأنا أكيد هموت فلو حد حس إن فى أفكار فى كتاباتى مش كويسة وحاسس إنها هتضر المجتمع ياريت يقول لى عشان أصلح نفسى..شكرا

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sir. , I see you didn’t add any posts recently !
    if it is because you are busy :) may Allah help you in what you are doing !
    but if it is because you thought no one is reading ! :D ..i know that i read and many of my friends too ! :D and what you write is valuable ! :D so please don’t stop blogging ! the world needs more bloggers like you ! :D

  2. Thank you for you kind words.
    I’m just very busy these days, but I have in my intention to write an article soon in shaa allah :).

  3. Salam alaikum:)

  4. hey you changed your dress, good for you :D

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