Question #15 – Melancholy

Do you  enjoy being in a state of sadness ?


6 thoughts on “Question #15 – Melancholy

      1. there is a reason why they call them sick “no offense intended” … but its sickness … like I said try saying 10 times I am happy being sad … u’ll feel something wrong in the sentence :D

        on the other hand even in animes the emo kind of protagonist that starts gloomy at 1st ends up finding happiness in the end … and I nvr found somebody who calls himself both emo and religious … so maybe this is a hint why people can think being sad is good :p

      1. calling people sick isnt rude ? I didnt mean in the rude way :D I meant they had the disease of not finding happiness like having the disease of flu … and like flu there is medicine for it so hopefully they’ll discover it in sha2 allah :)

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