The Butterfly Effect





In the 1960’s a brilliant mathematician Edward Lorenz who was interested in predicting the weather, built a mathematical model for the behaviour of airflow in the atmosphere. His weather model had twelve variables, such as wind speed, temperature and others. So he studied different patterns and changed variables and he realized that weather patterns many times don’t flow as predicted.

For example one time he rounded a variable from  .506127 to .506 (to imagine how small this change is, it’s like removing a drop of water from 1 litre) To his surprise, that tiny alteration drastically transformed the whole pattern his program produced, over two months of simulated weather!

Lorenz was amazed to how nature works which is: small changes can have very large consequences later on. He coined this idea as the “butterfly effect” he suggested that the flap of a butterfly’s wings weeks ago might ultimately cause a tornado in the. That’s why he concluded that forecasting the future for more than a week can be nearly impossible.

So did you ever notice the Butterfly Effect ? :)







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