A Time for Balance

Finally I decided to publish this post :) in the past week I wrote 3 other posts but I drafted them, I don’t know what happened to me but I think I was lacking self confidence.

I have been working now for 8 months, and Alhamdulah it has been great! but working made me realize how important it is to have balance in my life.

In the first months when I started working, I worked 10 to 11 hours each day and add on them 2 hours transportation, so the time I spent outside home was nearly 12 hours, I left at 9AM and returned at 10PM. I overworked not because I had tasks, but because I enjoyed it as it was a new experience to me..the experience of delivering a product for people to actually use and benefit from.

I was happy even when I overworked but I started to notice that gradually I was loosing balance..I gained some weight and the relationships I had with people outside work started to decay. My relationships with my family, friends  grandmother..all became not good.

I took a decision 4 months ago that working 7 to 8 hours a day is enough. I thought that my performance in work will be not that good because I worked less, but actually my performance was much better when I had less working hours, I don’t know how but maybe when I have less hours I tend to put all my energy in them and focus.

This is now usually how my day goes.

Wake up at 5AM: Do some reading, surf the net, make breakfast, shower, check mail and check for the tasks that need to be done today in my todo list and add new tasks.

Leave home at 9AM and work for 8 hours.

Be home at 7PM: I eat with my family, watch some TV with them, surf the net and then sleep at 10PM or 11PM.

This is actually much better than my previous 12 hour work day! but there a lot of things that I lack.

I really love this image, it tells you what are the important things that you need to do in your life and how you should balance them.

I need to do some Sports and Hobbies and also need to call my old friends every now and then to check up on them.

I believe you need a balance of everything. overpraying is wrong, overworking is wrong, basically over-anything is wrong!

So do you also believe in the balance wheel ? and what to do you need to change to have balance :)


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