Find your Passion

I believe that we are not born with a certain passion, it’s a journey where  we create our own passion and discover it. Beethoven was not born a great piano player, but he set off on a journey to discover what he liked and put so much hard work on it, that’s why his work is brilliant and still lives on to this day.

Kill your Hobbies! they say…

One of things I like to read about is biographies, and to me what all these great individuals had in common was that they made one their hobbies as a source of work, be it singing, mathematics, teaching, drawing, mechanics..etc that’s why all of the greats really really loved their work, because they believe their work has a message in it where they can express themselves in it..and many times they loved their work more than themselves.

Their Work is Their Message

“Hey! enough drawing and start doing your homework. Drawing won’t get you a living!” heard this before? I’m sure you did. It’s not just about drawing it’s everything you do other than the stupid curriculum of schools be it Singing, Photography, Programming, Writing, Breaking things apart to understand how they work, Playing Sports, Playing Music.. all these things.

Unfortunately our parents think that if we sacrifice our hobbies (the things that we actually love and have passion for) for just passing exams in school we will succeed in society. Well, Yes if you succeeded in school and college you will work good but believe me you will be just a number in the population you will be just another one of those guys but you won’t be EXCEPTIONAL you won’t be GREAT you will be just an AVERAGE person and you won’t have a huge impact on humanity.

There is a simple question that helped in knowing what I love and want to work in. What is that thing that you will be happy while working in it and at the same time don’t get paid any money?

If you ask Michael Angelo if I didn’t give you any money for your paintings what would you do? he will of course say I will continue painting, If you ask Edison and Tesla they will both say we will continue playing with electricity, if you ask Shakespeare he will say i will continue writing. You see they see their work as their message, and they are not two different and separate things, they are one.

So set out on a journey to find your passion and promise yourself that you will work in it :)

Find your Passion


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