Are Women More Spiritual Than Men ?

I remember like 8 years ago when I used to watch Amr Khaled on TV, the audience was nearly all women, this really intrigued me!

Also like 5 years ago I used to Go to Mustafa Hosny Lectures in Al Hosary mosque and also Al saqia, I didn’t go a lot but whenever I went, like 80% to 90% of the people were women !!

This happened also when I went to Moez Masoud lectures in Al Saqia, 90% women.

Even now all religious shows target women, all those who call the show from phone are women, all questions sent online are women :D

I thought this is something related to Egyptian women only but I started to ask myself this question “Are women more spiritual than men”..I searched online and I was shocked from the statistics!

This is not limited to’a a worldwide phenomenon! The number of people who go the Church are mostly women, mostly those who buy books about knowing yourself are women and those who attend talks about self improvement are also mostly women! and this ratio is the same also for children and youth.

Women More Spiritual than Men

So are women innately more spiritual than men? or is there something else, I searched and found the following.

Men have few defined roles, Women have lots of undefined roles..let me explain.

Men have only two clear defined roles in their life and that is to Provide and Protect. Men’s roles are constant, more defined in society from the beginning. Men feel they know why they are. They know what’s expected of them, what they’ll need to do in life to “make it”.

Women on the other side have a fluctuating nature because of their different roles and  and responsibilities, they are constantly self-monitoring. Their attention is focused inward on their feelings, and the feelings of those around them. They experience and process life quite differently because they, literally, grow others within themselves through the act of childbirth. They maintain primary responsibility for the nurturing and education of the next generation.

As women mature, they question who they are. Their identities are always changing. They are single, then married; childless, then mothers; making choices between caregiving and working outside the home. Due to women’s changing roles, they are in a continuous state of change and growth, wondering and wandering from one stage to the next asking themselves, “Who am I now?”

– What do you think ? Do you agree :)



Are Women More Spiritual Than Men? – Jun Lundy



6 thoughts on “Are Women More Spiritual Than Men ?

  1. well , i will speak from one point of view .
    Me and My BRother ! :)
    Me , watch and attend in a daily way , minimum 4 or 5 times per week .
    My Brother , Mostly zero ! actually He hate all lecturers I love XD !

    he told me before : What Does this guy have to educate me ? I might be knowing more than him ..

    I find it kind of ego ..He refuses the idea of sit , and listen ..Either interact and do it together , that i educate him and he educate me ..Or ..Nop I will not just listen “he is not better than me ”

    Me differently , I believe every little word , even if from someone less than me apparently , Can educate me a lot . let’s say , I don’t have that ego that make me feel I am less when I sit and listen .

    ..this point number one , yet it won’t be in everyone :D

    point number 2 :D more important and i noticed more .

    when boys go to shopping , they must know what they want to buy and buy it and go home
    while girls go to shopping and see stuff , and decide what to buy lol..mostly

    This thing is known all over the word , it’s the same to spiritual stuff , guys don’t go unless they thought they need specific thing ! ..girls go and search because they believe the more they will see , the more they will know what they want ! :D

    I remember Essam Almasry telling me before : I only used to watch religious stuff that i need to know
    I replied : you will know more of unknown stuff you will need to know when you watch .

    :D phew ..just thoughts ! :D thank you for the post

    1. I actually stopped watching religious shows some years ago :)
      because I think I got what I wanted, and when I need something specific I go and search for it on youtube or ask my friends or buy a book.
      It’s exactly as you said with the example of shopping we do this with spirituality also.

    2. then it seems normal for men to act like that not just me xD
      though el hamd le allah I’ve beaten this way of thinking … maybe tell ur brother that we need to be constantly reminded … we can arrogantly say we know what we need about our religion but life tends to make us forget … a portion of the day dedicated to reminding urself about ur deen is a must … 30 min lec/show every day won’t tear apart one’s schedule :D
      we need to be reminded
      وَذَكِّرْ فَإِنَّ الذِّكْرَى تَنْفَعُ المُؤْمِنِينَ

      1. I can’t preach My brother :D that’s the point :) , yet He is really getting better ma Shaa Allah XD He is already a great Brother ma Shaa Allah :D XD ..Thanks for the advice thou :)

  2. dunno if this may be the cause of this phenomena or not but I heard in a lec that women of age 15-25 or something possess far greater passion (dunno if its the right word for عاطفة) … so when this girl/woman is lucky enough that her passion is guided to love Allah and her religion … she does what she does :DD

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