His name was Abd-El-Hameed, Her name was Fawzeya

I’m Mahmoud Hesham Abd-El-Hameed Muhammed El-Magdoub and in 1994 my Grandfather (from my father’s side) died when I was 4 years old . He was a really good person, very kind and at the same time a brilliant intellectual. My father reads a lot, I’m nothing compared to him and I remember asking father about the reading habits of my grandfather and he said the he was nothing compared to his father :)

I once  went to see his library and it was Amazing! it showed how much of a complex person he was, the diversity of the books is astonishing it ranged from ancient explanations of the Quran to Evolution theory to Socialism to Modern Science to the Torah and the Bible to actually everything. He taught my father to always think and use his mind and never be afraid to read anything and my father taught me this, my father always told me to choose any book I want and he will go buy it for me right away no matter how much its price and he always did.

My Grandfather used to pray Fajr (waking up at 3 in the morning) everyday in the mosque and at the same time read things that critique his religion, he was always open.

He is a descendant from the Moroccan Magzoub family, Magzoub was a famous Sufi sheikh 500 years ago, he used to always travel and teach people about God. 150 years ago his followers came to upper Egypt and lived there, the name was modified by the Egyptian language to be Magdoub. 80 years ago some of them came to Cairo and Port-Said, my grandfather was one of them.

I knew him a little, but I loved him, he told my grandmother that after he dies all that he wants is if someone remembers him to read Quran for him. May Allah have mercy on his soul.

He was an Editor for Al-Ahram news paper, contrary to him my Grandmother was an artist, she was the in the First Female class at the faculty of Arts in Cairo, that was in the 1940s..before that women were not allowed to college, but Taha Hussein the minister of education at the time made a decision that education should be Free and for all Genders.

One of the kindest women that I ever saw in my life, she just wants good for other people. she never asked me anything, the only thing she asks me is to call her if I remember her :(

18 years later after the death of grandfather I was sitting with her in the living room and she saw me staring at a portrait of my grandfather, she told me that she really misses him and that everyday she stares at his picture and talks to him, she told me he looked so handsome when he was young, then she smiled :) and said again that she misses him a lot, then she told he is the kindest person that she ever saw and was a really good person that loved all people and finally said may Allah have mercy on his soul.

His name was Abd-El-Hameed, Her name was Fawzeya.

That was his picture that I was looking at


2 thoughts on “His name was Abd-El-Hameed, Her name was Fawzeya

    1. My Grandfather from my mom’s side name is Mahmoud also, they named me after him :) he was a poet called Mahmoud Hassan Ismail he wrote poems for Om Kalthom and Abdel Wahab.

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