Thought Updates

Aslam Alaikom :)

Hope you are enjoying Ramadan.

A week a go I wrote a post about a series that I should write about in ramadan.

I had 2 comments and both said that I should write about “my experiences in life”

I tried to write about this topic, but I felt something was wrong.

I felt it’s wrong to make my private life and its details available to the public. It would be wrong if I said some of the mistakes that I did after Allah swt was kind to me and has not exposed these mistakes.

What I could write about is work and technical experience..I prefer not to tell people about my spiritual experience, it’s something private.

Another thing I realized is that I shouldn’t ask people about what should I write, because I should write about what my heart feels like and not what other people want.



2 thoughts on “Thought Updates

  1. hehe well it was worth a shot trying to make u speak :D
    anyway I agree … sharing private stuff … being like an open book on the net isn’t rly good :)
    though I won’t mind if I share some part of my life if it will benefit anyone :D

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