Question #6 – No Judging

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

Sad Panda Alone


11 thoughts on “Question #6 – No Judging

    1. That is an answer I would never have expected and also I would never say this :) because the society already wants you to be married, so they won’t judge you bad.

      1. lol , yeah it went out so naturally , if i thought before answering , i would not write it :) , but no ..people won’t agree :) at least people around me :D , i am pre – 20 :)

      2. btw , it is about whom to get marry to , and how to marry ..and all the details :) people judgment may really make it un-worth it :D ..

        i mean the whole thing :)

  1. even if I don’t care about people’s judgment … I do care about them talking behind my back about stuff concerning me before its right time :)
    so my actions will be the same as now I guess :D

    1. seems I answered the question wrong … as I realized that both this scenarios are one haha … seems I can’t imagine a scenario where simply people will leave me alone xD its part of life I guess :) though as long as I am doing what’s right … let the people talk as they want :P

      1. short answer : I’ll do what will bring me closer to allah always … and what will nvr be considered a betrayal of my love to him … not caring what people realy say … but sometimes caring about what people say is exactly doing what Allah asked us :D

        lol long short answer haha

  2. Both of you shouldn’t care what people say :)
    I stopped caring about other people’s opinions in many things, and this brought me many fight’s in home, topics about marriage, changing my career, the way I dress..etc but in the end I did what my heart told me to do and I’m happy alhamdulah.
    Just do what your heart tells you to do

    This brings us to question #7 – Decisions :)

    1. read my 3rd long short answer haha … like I said maybe u don’t care about what people say about you … but sometimes ur actions won’t just affect you so it will be selfish to not think about what people will say about others affected by your actions :) am I right ?

    2. lol , okay m3zumin 3la el far7 2wryb ya3ni in Shaa Allah :P lol :)

      el fekra mesh caring , el feka enhom hybozhulak XD

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