Let Me Dream

This is an old drafted post, but I wrote from my heart and it means much to me.

What if senseless dreams made sense to me
What if I believed in my dreams
What if they labelled me Tree huger
What if they labelled me Crazy
Would I care ?
And why would I care
They are fake, my dreams are real
They are not as they seem
They are not a part of  my dreams
Leave me be

People and Objects are not the source of my happiness
I’m Happy, Let me dream..

Sweet Dreams


4 thoughts on “Let Me Dream

  1. dreams are free so dream ^_^
    and ahh dont forget to live ur dreams too :DD
    I like people who have a solid fixed dream in front of them :) one day in sha2 alah I’ll be like them :D I feel my dream is materialising day after day :D

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