Question #4

Would you wish freedom for the enemies of freedom ?


4 thoughts on “Question #4

  1. depends :)
    if u meant those who fight the people who demand there freedom … because they are afraid that they won’t control them then no … no freedom for them since it is there punishment .

    on the other hand “and I guess this is what u meant” if u meant the people who didn’t taste the sweetness of being free … who are afraid of being free … who fight for there own imprisonment and fight those who want to be free … then actually yeah I wish Allah will guide them 1 day to the path of righteousness and let them taste what it is to be free :) … اللهم اهدينا جميعا :)

  2. I Don’t know , between the prophet Muhamed Reaction toward his enemies and the prophet Nuh reaction toward his enemies i fall . :) ..sometimes i go to that theme that say , no Allah please make them good people ..and sometimes i feel what the prophet Nuh said : These people are the biggest fitna in our world now ..

    but at the end i return to the prophet Muhamed concepts , as i see that the prophet Nuh , this people died , and they all died and were punished in Dunya ..and it is said that only his kids had a generation , yet bad people show up again dying of bad people or punishing them would never be the end of this

    while the prophet muhamed , when he refused that people of Ta’ef be punished in dunya , they came ..they came to the truth to the freedom , and they improved life with us . . how even did he communicated with MunafiQin ..Abdu Allah ibn salol..

    so I don’t say i am this or that , but as i like the prophet Muhamed way more , i see it more effective in the long run .

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