Question #3

The sun was closing its blinds, the breeze blew by and he looked at you while gently smiling…Quietly yet very clearly he asked you “Why ?”

-Time stopped for a moment

You don’t get and look back at him with a sarcastic smile saying “Why !, Why What ?”.
Desperately he stares at the ground, holds the grass and shouts “Whyyyy” as if he really believes it will answer him back.
You instantly felt your heart gone dry, because deep down inside the mask of your soul lies the answer.
..The Sun setted.


Sad Flower


15 thoughts on “Question #3

      1. just a joke XD ..Matlab got that thing , when you input why , he replies sometimes saying : Ted told me so. !

        i didn’t get your Question that much too :D i got that someone is asking me “Why” for something he believes i must realize :)

    1. Crazy Matlab lol, my graduation project was on it :)
      You are now contradicting what sheikh Hamza said in the lecture, you want me to tell you what I meant, well I won’t :D because you must think like Nyran did :)

      1. I still don’t understand what herneyse means :)
        There is a question and you have to find it, I will not tell you where is the question, I said from now on it will be hard. :)

    1. Don’t ask me about the answer, you should think :)
      The answer changes from one person to another.
      I will make it easier for you, who are those 2 characters ?

      1. well I’ll make a wild guess according to the pic :D
        for what I know the pic is about sunflowers … they are known for closing there flower and looking to the floor when the sun goes down xD
        is it related ? haha

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