Question #2

Are you ready for the second question ? :)

It’s a bit of a sad story, so If you wanna smile then don’t read it :)

A friend of mine was in  relationship with a woman, and they stayed together for years, all was perfect, each day they were more happy than the day before, they played games, their families matched perfectly..he knew her mother really well and she knew his mother very well…they both got closer to God..all was great.

And just before they were going to get married..It was her birthday and he was waiting for her with a present as he was planning for a surprise, while he was waiting his mobile rang, it was her..a smile draws itself upon his face when he sees her name, he quickly answered but the smile faded away as a warm tear fell on his cheeks.. she had just told him that she did something very bad.

His heart was broken to pieces apart, he didn’t hear anything after she said those words, he couldn’t even talk to her, he didn’t even say a bad word at her..all his emotions have frozen cold and he just left.

He was from the type of guys you never know he is sad, because he is always smiling..But since he is my best friend :) I know him very well, and he till this day is going through really tough times. He tells me everyday before he sleeps that he  just wishes that she didn’t make that mistake but sadly he remembers that she did it. And sometimes he says maybe she didn’t mean it, maybe it’s better if I just forgave her as she forgave me hundreds of times.

He never loved someone like he loved her, this relationship has left a hole in his heart and he made a promise on himself that he would never go into another relationship again.

He needs my advice, and because I’m anti marriage I told him to not to go into relationships again :D

So what do you think, If you were in his place, would you

  1. Forget what happened, and continue your life normally
  2. Don’t go into any relationships again
  3. Forgive her and return to her (although he told me that this is impossible)


Thanks :)

If you like the “Questions” series tell me, so I increase it :)


love old couple walking


28 thoughts on “Question #2

  1. Option Number 2 is not possible

    1 or 3 , depends on her mistake :)

    case a :

    in case it was a dramatic mistake he can’t live with , that’s why ENGAGEMENT EXIST :)’s failure should not be a big big big life time problem if it was done by the islamic way .

    yet even if he and she did some mistakes that made them pass limits in engagement , he should thank Allah that this happened now :) ..before MARRIAGE :) !

    case b :

    if it wasn’t dramatic and something simply and may change and never be repeated again , so i guess he need to understand why he over-rated the mistake and forgive her and continue :)

      1. if he is going to follow number 1 , he will pass by ” lives alone” thing =D as he will just let it go , then normally as a human being he will just love another girl XD even if he thought he will never do , but i am against not going into beautiful stuff because of being afraid of ” get hurt again” :)

      1. They refreshed a lot of concepts i had , i re-thought about that thing today while going to home and i felt : he wasn’t loving her anyways , he wasn’t loving himself while being with her XD ..he was loving that he was loved , and loving somebody , for that when she HURT HIm , he didn’t feel like he can continue , yet he miss feeling that he is loving her :) ! anything ? :D
        i mean , we human being rarly reach that real love state , mostly we are loving ourselves

  2. ehm OK … plz forgive me if I misunderstood … but from relationship I understand makansh f khetouba sa7 ? :D
    if that’s the case … mahma 2oltely kano orayebeen men rabena … mahma 2oltely ahlaha kano ye3rafo ba3d w sam7een bel relationship dih … a2olak rabena makansh rady :)
    ma boneya 3ala batel f howa batel … I had the same case w learned the hard way ^_^

    on the other hand radan ba2a 3ala so2alak :
    falling in love mish b eratak :P that’s why it’s called falling :PP …. yama nas keteer eftakaro en khalas afalo albohom b 2efl xD l kol 2efl f mofta7 :DD … so mish b 2edo yekarar 7aymout wa7eed wala la2a :D all he has to do is yemla kalbo b 7ob rabena w rabena 7ay7adarlo kol kher in sha2 alah .

    returning to her ? well if he can forgive her “depends on the mistake” then the best return is marriage … no pre-marriage relationship cause srsly … mahma 7awelt ta3mel el sa7 … enta bany 3ala ghalat w rabena 7ayefshelha men abwab mish motawaka3a khales :DD

    na2saf 3ala el etala w hope enny makontish tamadeet :D

    beltawfeek leek w l ur friend :)

    1. It was a relationship but not something in secret, both of the parents knew that they talked on the phone, he talked to her parents and she talked to his parents.

      I disagree with you about falling in love so easily :)
      Look we men, may be attracted to millions of women ;) :D haha
      but in the end how many of these do you actually wanna live with and see her taking care of you and you taking care of her ?

      Very little of course, so love is something very rare and beautiful while attraction is very common and a mirage.

      The problem is (due to the influence of songs and movies) anyone who is attracted to any girl he will say that he “loves” her, which is completely wrong. Love is something that is developed.
      That’s why if you built a relationship based on just attraction, if that woman stops taking care of her self (which is something normal), you will find yourself automatically feeling you are not in love with her anymore because you just built your relationship on lust and not not her true beauty which is her soul.

      beltawfeek to you :) not for me because I will not marry isa :D

      Do you like the questions series, should I continue ?

      1. even if the relationship isn’t in secret … it’s funny how little details in 7aram … even if they r so little are overlooked … which trust me is wrong :) remember erda2 Allah not only erda2 el 2ahl :)

        true about relationships based on lust are doomed to failure :) but this isn’t what I meant :D el 7amdolelah this was nvr my opinion about the purpose of love :D

        I didn’t even say falling in love easily all I said is if u think that u can choose not love again then u are wrong :) maybe u wont fall easily but u’ll fall eventually and once ur heart is healed from the previous xp … like any muscle it will become stronger as they say haha … so all I say is stop saying u won’t marry ;) just say I didn’t find my other half yet … live as u like :) … follow ur dreams:D come closer to allah and 1 day u’ll remember me :D while thinking in ur room … asking urself … how did I fell haha

        and yes I am enjoying the questions series … keep it up ^_^

        and beltawfee2 … mish lazem gawaz ya3ny beltawfee2 3amatan haha

    2. I agree on what you said :) and I just disagree about falling in love so easy, there are some people that you will find very hard to forget.

      Look I wish I could marry..yes, sometimes I feel lonely :) laken I want to focus more on work now because I feel marriage will destroy my dreams :)

      1. ana fahem walahy :D enta leeh me7asesny en karar el gawaz dah ma3nah 7atenzel tedawar 3ala 3arousa lol … though f nas beta3mel keda bas ana mish bo2men b el gawaz 3ashan lazem agawez … enta 3ady teshtaghal w te7a2a2 a7lamak … w meen ya3lam … momken te2abel aslan 7ad ye3eenak w yesa3dak 3ala ta72ee2 a7lamak … w sa3etha 7ateb2a enta ely mish 3ayez tefarat f el sha5s dah :) cause 7at7eso kenz ^_^ el 3alam feeh nas masha2 alah 3alehom =)

        kol ely batlobo enak to stop saying I am an anti-marriage person … cause malhash ma3na :D say ana leya hadaf w 7a3mal men aglo w mish 7afarat f ay 7aga tesa3ed 3ala ta72ee2 el hadaf dah … wala f ay sha5s ye3eny 3ala ta72ee2 :)

        kefaya keda ba2a sada3tak xD

    3. No sorry, you have to look for her :)
      msh asdy gawaz salonat :D bas you have to have the intention.
      ok, I will stop saying I’m antin marriage 3ashan khatrak :)
      la2 ya beh masad3tneesh, I enjoy having conversations with you :)

      1. ana el as3ad ^_^ … though adawar ezay ya3ny ? :P meh dunno mish 3aref a3abarlak ana asdy eeh xD maybe 1 day I’ll write a topic about el mawdo3 dah hehe

    4. dawar zay mabetdwr 3ala shoghlana :)
      first of all do you wanna marry early or not ?
      if not then don’t search now, if yes then search now and if there is a girl you think there is a chance of you marrying her then propose to her :)

      3amatan ana msh men moshagh3y early marriage :)

      1. ana mish bo2men b early/late marriage 3ashan just marrying … 7a7awel ashra7 :D ya3ny f nas masalan awel matetkharag te2oul masalan ana 3ayez atgawez :DD w ye2oulou aktar gomla ana bakraaha ” mama dawareely 3ala 3aroussa ” … no I disagree with tadweer 3ala bent ka2eny badawar 3ala shoghl :D

        I believe f en el mawakef heya ely betzherlena ashkhas ra2e3een tetmana enak te3eesh ma3ahom toul 3omrak cause beehom 7ate2dar tewsal l hadafak el asma w te7a2a2 a7lamak :)

        so men el akher I’ll nvr 7akhaly el marriage hadaf :D ya3ny I’ll nvr anzel adawar 3ala 3arousa 3ashan bas lazem agawez zay malnas beyegawezo :D I’ll work as hard as I can f 7ayaty if I encountered some1 I liked during my life … some1 I admired his lifestyle his dreams … I’ll always pray eno yekatably “men gher mab2a obsessed lazem 2omen b akdar rabena w eno mafeesh 7aga maktoubalak gher lama feeha kher leek :) ” … w when I am ready to purpose I will purpose :) cause then this marriage won’t be el hadaf ely ana 3amlo … it will be one peace of the puzzle of my purpose in life … though a BIG peace it is haha.

        ana katabt keteer maleesh da3wa enta ely shaga3teny … esara7a I like talking about el mawadee3 ely zay dih … especially since I changed the way I think about living :D

      2. on the other hand :P
        sine enak melly kanno bey2oulou ded el gawaz w keda w faker enak malek albak ;) law enta mish men el no3 ely beyetfarag 3ala barameg deneya 3an el 7ob w keda … I suggest u do 7ata law mish f demaghak … sada2ny 7aywafro 3alek akhta2 keteera badal matet3alem the hard way :D

        my suggestions are amr khaled and mostafa hosny … guess u know them :)

      3. mmm nice point of view :)
        ana msh batfrag 3ala shiokh 3ala el tv 3ashan belnesbaly ay wa7ed yakhod feloos 3ashan yetkalem fel deen is a hypocrite.
        the best way is to go to a mosque and learn under a sheikh or watch videos of sheikhs doing vlogs on youtube giving advises.

      4. ur last argument is invalid … I’ll tell u why :P
        maybe those who u think are hypocrite aren’t really what u think … nowadays teachers TV presenters and even mosque’s imam take money for what they do :D life is harder than it was years ago when they would do this for free :D even I guess the khalifa’s duties was to take care of them … not sure though …

        and who knows maybe they take little money … and those same ppl who take money for showing up on tv … they also make nadawat for free :)

        if u still didn’t change ur opinion about them then look upon the matter from a different POV .
        I would listen to Hitler if he had something that would benefit me :D

      5. Invalid from your point of view, but for me it’s valid :)
        All 4 imams used to work beside teaching islam for “Free” in the mosque, Imam Abu Haneefa used to work and has a store where he sold clothes and Imam El Shafeey used to work also.

        I will not listen to someone who takes money to talk about Allah swt.
        I know a reporter who has worked in the religious channel called “El Nas”, he told me that the sheikhs only accept to take their salaries in dollars !!

        There are even some very famous sheikhs who take 80,000 dollars to pray with the people in Ramadan.

        It’s now not for the sake of Allah’s for money.

        I will not say the names of these sheikhs.

        Hitler was a very good manager he pulled Germany from the rubbish it was after WW1 to one of the strongest nations, he really loved his country but he crazy indeed, he is a criminal, but I like his way of management..and yes I will listen to him because he is not a hypocrite.

        The issue is I do not listen to hypocrites :)

      6. yes I agree with u … I dont like el nas channel either :D but like I said the ones i told u about amr khaled and mostafa hosny they aren’t related to those hypocrites … they r realy great :D try listening to them … and I have went to there free lectures :D and who knows maybe they don’t take money for showing up on tv ? can’t imagine them as hypocrites :D

        don’t judge people until u meat them :)

      7. متئول كدا من الأول :D
        ربنا يباركلك ^_^
        writing in arabic is hard xD need to practice haha
        best way I found to practice is writing duaa in my statuses instead of copy pasting :D I kinda find some progress hehe

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