Question #1

Aslam Alaikom :)

I have a question, and please answer with yes or no and state why you would do this.

The question is “If you had the chance to travel outside your country and work abroad, would you do it ? or you prefer to stay in your country ?

Thanks :)


15 thoughts on “Question #1

  1. If it’s a “forever” job , or let’s say more than 1 year :) ..No
    If around 3 months..6 ..1 year max. YEs :)

    first one , no because i love staying here :D ..i believe i need to do a lot here :) ! + i love Alexandria lol. :D ..i miss it by a stupid way when i travel.

    2nd one , Yes as i would love to try different stuff ..learn from ..get some experience , enjoy new culture :) ..etc

  2. mmm :)
    I feel if I stay here, I will look at myself after 5 years I would be the same and my knowledge would increase very little.

    I would love to travel to see how other cultures communicate and work. Not necessarily Europe or the USA, I just wanna see a different culture.

    I love my home of-course :)
    To me Egypt is just a nice place like all other nice places, what makes me love my home is the ppl themselves :)

    1. feel the same way :D
      If there is an opportunity for me abroad … I won’t hesitate to take it … I tried living abroad and I can adapt .
      + like u said what makes me love my home is the people … I am not the kind of person who says things like … bashrab men nilha w bamshy 3ala torabha xD
      I’ll miss the people and I’ll try as hard as I can to visit them from time to time.
      I can return only if the country really needs me and I have something to help them with … for example money $.$ … it pains me to walk the streets seeing homeless old men … those are the kind of people I feel I have to help them and it pains me that I can offer to little for them .

    2. umm , nop what holds me here is not people :D :) , yet mesh Essam’s saying ” nilha wa mesh 3rfa eh ” :D just i got some dreams lazem yet3mlu hena :D

      as you said , travelling itself , helps :) ..wa el hamdu LAllah i travel kol fatra 7eta shakl :D l7ad delwa2ty i enjoy around 5 different countries 3an masr :D wa may be 6th 2wryb XD ..


      1. dreams related to people … I am sure :P
        so in the end it’s the people that holds u here … cause if dreams aren’t related to the people … then what is left in the country gher nilha w torabha ? :D

      2. Mafesh 25tyar “Reply” 3lik XD hope htkoun htshof dah reply to you Nyran :D

        enta naset enina m3ndnash nil fe alex asln :P ! :D :)

        Dream related to concepts :) =D ..not people =D again XD ..

        yet , as i said :D 27eb 2safr el 3alam kolo , lakken 23yesh hena bardo fe el 25r :D

    1. It was just a conversation I was having with a friend of mine about if it’s better to find jobs abroad or not, and I wanted to know the opinion of my readers :)

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