Increase your Knowledge

Stanford is Offering Free online Courses, at the Coursera project

The courses are amazing :)

I’m currently taking Game Theory and Human Computer Interaction, I hope they had Interaction design and Information Architecture courses but unfortunately they don’t.

Talking about courses I also would like to share some great lectures that I liked.


Professor Richard Muller at Berkely Univ. which is an Amazing and Funny guy ! Gave a course called Physics for Future presidents

you can check it out here:


Professor Walter Lewin at MIT he made me understand Electromagnetics, a really intelligent guy :)



In the late 1980s Caltech Univ. made a great documentary about physics called The Mechanical Universe, I remember my first year at college I spent it watching this exciting documentry, it made me love physics and actually understand what our physics professor at college was explaining :)



When I got older I forgot the details of these course but what it left inside me, is that it taught how to think in a much better logical way.

Enjoy :)


19 thoughts on “Increase your Knowledge

  1. will take cryptography in sha2 alah ^_^
    that besides some other old online courses :D
    on the other hand … I hate physics and I can’t find time to try loving it xD

    1. You hate physics and you love cryptography! how come :D
      Cryptography is much harder than basic physics, it involves really complex mathematics :)

      But every person loves a thing, I hope you like it :)

      1. I like mathematics :DD
        my problem in physics isn’t in the calculation parts xD
        I have issues with the logic especially modern physics … lol studying things that moves faster than light speed where there isnt any thing of such speed haha … dunno can’t feel physics :)

    2. lol :)
      Maybe it was explained to you in a bad way, and about travelling faster than light don’t worry, nothing will and nothing will ever be :)
      Actually some scientists last year at Cern said that they have some particles go faster than light and Einstein was wrong.
      And just last week they figured out that they made some calculations wrong and Einstein was right :D

      1. speaking about wrong … that’s another reason why I hate physics … studying a chapter for hours then proceeding to the next chapter telling me the theory in 1st chapter was wrong haha … srsly lol xD

        anyway like u said … like most of the subjects I take in college I may have been taught that wrong :p

        though no time to take online courses about physics have more important tasks … maybe I’ll read some books about it … just as general knowledge ^_^

    3. Yes scientists are always fighting :D that’s the beauty of it :)
      You don’t have to study physics, it won’t benefit you unless you work in something academic or if you want it for general knowledge.
      The important thing is to do what you love and work in something you have passion for :)
      That is unless you are married you will work in something you hate just to get the money :D

      1. I can be married and still have fun ;p
        thx for the advice anyway it isn’t yet clear what field of computer science I wish to be in … so will tackle cryptography this summer
        in sha2 alah teb2a fat7et kher ^_^

    4. Yes ofcourse marriage can be fun but in 90% of the cases it’s not :)
      look I was confused like you and wanted to know what field should I specialize in.
      I wanted to know what field do I have a passion for..So I asked myself a simple question “What is the field you would love to work in even if there is money as a reward and you would still put all your energy in it and be happy” to me the answer was design :)

      I hope you have an answer, if you don’t (and that is something normal) you have to search for it :)

      1. need to try different fields to decide hehe
        if u got any links talking about the different fields plz share :D
        cause its kinda ambiguous ,,, most sites tell me computers are everywhere thats it haha

        sorry for making all those comments hope this will be the last haha

      1. well I am an anime fan that’s true … but I am rly learning japanese too =D
        using rosetta stone atm … rly good program for learning different languages :D

    1. I’m not a fan of Anime too, but I have some friends who are obsessed :|
      Great, keep it up :)
      I hate Rosetta stone, I couldn’t use lol
      I also took courses in German but later found out that i don’t like the language so I stopped :D

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