My new life :)

Hello :)

It has been 6 months since I graduated and these 6 months have been the best time of my life, what I learned in the past 6 months I did not learn in the pat 23 years of my life. Because I got to know what entrepreneurship is.

I started doing projects I failed alot, but I learned alot and I took hard decisions. I said to myself what do you want ? well, I wanna be happy.

Although I’m a software engineer and I love coding so much, and at the same time I always loved graphics since I was a child :) so I decided to make a career shift I’m heading towards the graphics industry.

It was a hard decision but I took it, and I hold it’s responsibility.

I have 2 pages on facebook, one of them is for making videos:

the other is about making designs for the new facebook profile:

Please check them out and tell me what do you think ツ



7 thoughts on “My new life :)

  1. ^_^ lol i can’t imagine how will i be and what will i do when i graduate ! XD

    congrats ;) hope Allah help you through every decision ! :D
    and i liked these 2 pages already weeks or week ago =D can’t remember when ^_^

    waiting the book you said you will write before :P and please BLOG more :D

  2. one more Question =D after re-checking the fan pages :D that’s it ? or you are more into design thing ? :D because if just fan page , people requests ..some art other there..i believe you can give to the world more than this =D

  3. Thanks :)
    No I decided I won’t write a book because I only wanted to write a book so people can say mahmoud wrote a book lol :D
    but i will continue to write blogs isa :)
    no :) I’m working on a startup

    1. Lol :D so Mahmoud didn’t write a book :/ !
      waiting you blogs :D
      and May ALlah be with you in your StartUp ! :D Egypt needs a lot in this field ..

  4. heeeey, you must be my twin, :D
    it is my first time to know that you are a software engineer, ^_^
    and a graphic designer too, that is totally me, and I have the same feeling:
    do I let go coding and focus on designing or just make both, actually I like both, but some how I find myself more attracted to designing :D, maybe I’ll face that issue after graduation, LOL :D
    anyway, I like your pages, if you have a deviantArt account please let me see your work,
    that’s my account

  5. you’re not just my twin, you’re my brother :)
    yeah i’m more attached to design because it’s more creative :D
    but after doing some research, i realized there is something that combines both, it’s called a user experience designer :)
    I will try to apply for this position isa, I just need a day or 2 to make a creative cv design :)
    really nice designs ! :)
    keep it up, you have a future, maybe we can collaborate one day isa :D
    are you using illustrator ?

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