6 hours left :)

Hello : )

Remember the competition I entered with my friends in ?

Well, now only 6 hours are left and the voting will be close.

This is our idea:


If you like the idea please support us and like the video :D

If possible, can you download the picture below and share it on facebook with the following description

“An Egyptian team  Participated in an International Competition called Gist-Tech, where you present your idea in a 2 minute video. This is their idea:
If you believe what they believe then please support them and like the video :)

The Other ideas are on the same channel, please view them if you have time and vote for the best idea.
Thanks :)”

For everyone who is reading the blog thanks for your support.


5 thoughts on “6 hours left :)

  1. alhamdulah we got selected from the top 25 and our team leader travelled to turkey :) we didn’t win alhamdulah :D but we learnt from our mistakes and next time we will be better isa :)

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