I’m Back :)

Hello :)

Happy Eid, Finally some rest :D

I will try to write a couple of articles these days, there are many subjects on my mind.

What’s New ?

Well I entered a competition with my friends it’s called the GIST intiative, where you post your idea in a 2 min video on youtube. If your idea has many likes it will be reviewed by the judges.

Here is me and my Team’s idea:


If you like it, please like it on youtube :)

It is a knowledge network where people share there knowledge through small physical sessions ranging from 3 to 5 people per session. The best presenter every week will be rewarded $100 as a motivation to continue giving great sessions :)

Hope you like it.

Happy Eid .. Eat Meat :D


4 thoughts on “I’m Back :)

  1. YAYYY ! you are backk :D Lol ! :D
    i love the idea a lot ! i voted =D hope you win in SHaa Allah =D

    waiting your new articles :D ..and yeaah FINALLY A breaak !
    Eid Mubarak to you too

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