Will you still love her when she gets Fat ??

Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no! it is an ever-fixed mark That looks on tempests(Violent windstorms) and is never shaken.

William Shakespeare

The boy found himself wishing that the day would never end, that her father would stay busy and keep him waiting for three days. He recognized that he was feeling something he had never experienced before: the desire to live in one place forever. With the girl with the raven hair, his days would never be the same again.

Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist

I do not what love is, who am I to talk about love..but I know one thing and that is if it does not grow then it’s not love.

I think from my humble point of view that love comes after marriage, when you start sacrificing for one another. I do not believe in love at first sight, it’s lust at first sight.

This article was inspired by this video by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf:


3 thoughts on “Will you still love her when she gets Fat ??

  1. Okay :D
    1st :thing came into my mind when i read the title : ..well he may marry her fat already to make sure he will still love her :P ? :D
    2nd : then after pressing on the link , i was browsing TV and on IQraa channel there was a tv show called غذائي دوائي
    and you Jamil Maqdsi if you know him he is already something related to medicine ..so a women called him to tell him ..that during pregnancy she weighted 12 kilos more :D ..so i was Like ..ufff ! ..that’s dangerous..then his comment was surprising ..he said yes , pregnant women must weight more from 12 to 20 kilos or ..there is something wrong..so if the pregnant didn’t wait ..the kid is dieing or something :D ..so i was freaked out ..and i asked mum :D ..mum is this true ! :D ..as mum already is a doctor ..she said yes ! :D ..
    and i felt how it is hard to be a mother one day ..but while reading your topic ..i discovered ..that it is harder to feel that the other person ( husband ) may treat you bad for it ! ..instead of appreciating ! :D ..
    3rd : I also believe Real love is never before marriage ! ..all stuff before marriage ..first sight ..etc are acceptance..may be liking is max. :D ..even if it was boyfriend loving..by the way some non-muslims and sadly muslims do .. .because this relationship is not based actually on loving the other..it is on loving myself very much ..that i want to see someone caring for me ..someone living for me ..someone blah blah ..then it is it all about me..and in the moment things becames harder..they leave each other :D and search for new story than ends by ME again …while in marriage…it will mostly be hard..:D ..so he must love her really ..or he will die lol ..and in the moment he will love her ..it well be greater than the Other ME feeling ..because all hardships will pass..and Allah will gift them with stuff we never tested yet ..
    4th :D ..Hamza Yusef ! Maaa Shaa Allah and thanks for the post..and sorry I didn’t mean to be that tall !

  2. The research I linked in my post on falling in love pretty much confirms what say, it’s “lust at first sight”. But there is more, more feelings come to play, even in the beginning.

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