Animal Torture, A Solution

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

Treatment of animals all around the world is really miserable. I’m not talking about petting I’m talking about slaughtering. Most slaughter houses use robotic slaughtering or kill by electric shocks or hammering on the head..Some even grind them Alive !

Don’t believe them If they put a picture of cow smiling  in a green sunny field on your hamburger.

Don’t be fooled by all of the fancy advertisments..Here is the reality:

[If you have a soft heart DON’T WATCH !]

In Islam for the animal to be eaten it must not be tortured, found dead, or carnivorous (meat eater).

The animal must be slaughtered according to Shariah law and must be slaughtered under the name of God.

Unfortunately most Muslim countries have been modernised and stopped following the Shariah law of slaughtering they just simply say allah akbar while slaughtering the animal violently.

When you go into a room full of darkness, only one candle is needed to light it up but if you go into a room of light you can’t make it go dark, Ahamdulah recently I saw a documentry about how to slaughter mercifully according to Shariah law which was a beutiful documentry that gave me hope in this world. It has 3 parts you can check them out here:

Part 1:


Part 2:

Part 3:

Hope that this merciful way of slaughtering spreads all around the world.

Peace, salam


2 thoughts on “Animal Torture, A Solution

  1. i Didn’t see the first video :D you said that it is hard one :D do i have to see it ?

    and the documentary : i will see it in Shaa Allah this afternoon ! :D thanks for sharing :D

    Also..about Animal Rights ..when we were young …well when i was young :D i felt Islam and animals :D have no relation ..islam never spoke about having a pet or anything ..i felt so i never took any stories like what i discovered now.. :D while it was clearly simple and clear..that one of the most famous sahabi that tells hadith Abou Hurayra :D this name is Abou Hurayra :D ..taken from that he always carried a cat :D ..i was suprised..
    i think ..our education ,, islamic education at school ..converted Islam from being way of life a History ..dates ..and wars ..and stuff that is not told by a way that tells you really what was going on . ! :D
    just little thoughts while reading :D

  2. Thank you for your reply, yeah it’s better not to see the first video it is very violent.
    I also was amazed when I heard that Abu Haraira always had a cat that he put in his sleeve : )
    Yes, exactly they teach us as if it was history, that is why I’m sure most of us..sorry to say this but we Imagine the Sahaba as old fat people. Actually they where very strong and fit.
    In my schedule in shaa Allah I’m planning to write an article about problems with current Islamic thought and how to hopefully solve these problems.

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