I miss the times when green was young

I miss the memories I forgot

I miss a soul, I miss that child

I miss my courage, my freedom to smile

I miss the days when life made no sense

I miss that dust, I miss its scent

I miss the nights of falling stars

I miss the bicycles not the cars

I miss the sound of my mother’s heart

I miss the dominoes when they fell apart

I miss all the pain that made me grow strong

I miss my home, where I belong

I miss my father when he had a son

I miss the breeze when winter’s gone

I miss a random jump in the flowing nile

I miss a life worthwhile

Waiting for death to come

Waiting for life to go


3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. “Waiting for death to come

    Waiting for life to go

    I just wrote a new topic with this feeling now ! what is weird that i wrote it then came and read this :D ..not the opposite ! :D

    1. No, “CreativityTalent”. I think you’re far from getting what he really meant by those two lines. Please, don’t get me wrong. I read your post and also his post and I really respect you both. But I rather think there is a difference between your post and what he meant. You are talking about a mood(“today I feel I wanna meet God”-“today I want to live this beautiful life, how I wish I didn’t die!”), while he is rather talking about an established feeling, like when a person has cancer and just waits to die. I understand that very well, because I’ve been feeling this too the past few days. It’s like this life doesn’t matter to you anymore and you just hope and wait for your death to come in order to meet God. Well, this is all. I hope I didn’t annoy anyone :) and I hope I wasn’t wrong. If I was, then forgive my mistake.
      Take care!

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