Believe in Yourself

some days I draw a master piece without ever having to hold a pencil, other days I have the pencil in my hand but I can’t even draw a dot.

This is life, It’s not about the tools you have..It’s about you.

You think you can’t do something but actually you have the potential to do it when you believe in yourself. When you believe in the beauty behind your dreams.

Your not born with your dreams, you have to search for them. I realized that I wanna be a teacher, I think it’s the only thing I have so much passion and energy for.

I really don’t care much about money, I just need the basics to survive..I don’t need to live a luxuriant life, for luxury ruins the heart..And afterall we won’t be remmembered by how much toys and gadgets we collected we will be remembered by our actions and thoughts.

Believe in you Inner Strength, Search for your dreams, and follow them wherever they may take you.

An advice to myself..


2 thoughts on “Believe in Yourself

  1. Great ! :D You want to be a teacher and a write..and you are already an Engineer :D Zeww COOL ! :P

    I liked the topic ! :D

  2. Thank you, yeah I really want to be a teacher lol
    It doesn’t matter what we take in college, whether I’m an Engineer, a doctor, or an accountant.. college just trains our mind to be rational so you can work in any field.
    90% of the things you’ll learn in life will be self learnt.

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