Mind Set of Men and Women – Part 3

In part 2 I talked about how men give love but in this part I will talk about how men expect to be loved, how they expect to receive “Love”.

The Complexity of Women

Women are complicated moody creatures it’s nearly impossible to completely satisfy them because they change their mind every 5 minutes. Satisfying women is impossible because they expect their man to be opposite characters for example:

Sometimes they want him strong *** sometimes they want him very sensitive

Sometimes they want him funny *** sometimes they want him serious

Sometimes they want him religious ***sometimes they want a bit naughty

Sometimes they want him humble *** sometimes they want him a King..

The Man of their Dreams

Let me tell you the man of their dreams..Well he should sit around the house with you, spend his time hugging you and giving you comfort, listenning to all of your problems, taking the kids to the lessons after school, get you things from the grocery store, wash the car on weekends, fix the closet when it squeels, kill a cockroash when he sees it, baby sit the cat and whatever you need.

BUT also he should work out, look good and stay fit

Also he must be very intellectual, read alot and hold a good conversation.

At the same time he must be naughty, going shopping with you, hearing all of your gossip stories about your friends so you can laugh an evil laugh together.

Yet he must be a hard worker providing you with of your needs and financial security.

Sorry to disappoint you but this man doesn’t exist yet ;)

Actually not all women agree on this non existant man :) because women don’t love using rational measures they love using irrational measures.. For example a Guy thinks that if he does everything to a woman like the dream guy (explained above) she will be happy and give him love..well no.

A Guy could beat a woman everyday, treat her so bad and cause her all kinds of problems and yet she loves him and prefers him over the Guy who always wanna help her and take care of her.

The Simplicity of Men

On the other hand men are very simple direct creatures, it really doesn’t take much to make us happy. Infact there are only three simple things that pretty much every man needs, these things never weakens or get more demanding or harder to achieve.

1. Support 

When we walk out the door we feel we are entering a battle we feel as the world is standing to beat us down, whether it be in work or in the street or anywhere that’s why a man is constantly on the look out, standing at the ready to defend his and all of his gains (including you).

So when we come back home, we want to feel your support..we wanna relax and put our gaurd down. All we really want to hear is

Honey, How was your day ? Thank you for making it happen for us. This family needs you and wants you and is happy to have you.

Yes that’s it..these words will make us feel like a king and will recharge all our lost energy during the day. The more you make us feel like we’re special, the more we’ll give in return. We will work harder, get you more presents and do whatever it takes to make you happy and yes we might even give you a massage lol.

So try giving your man these words:

Honey, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do for me and the kids.

Thank you sweetheart. I can’t believe you do all of this work for us.

You so big and strong and you’re everything I need.

Believe me ;)

Just give him support, make him feel needed and he will make you live in heaven.

2. Loyalty

When you are with your girl freinds and Brad Pitt enters the room, we don’t want you opening your mouth and drooling..we want you to say in your heart

“I love my husband, I’m loyal to him I don’t want any of those shiny, rich, fine men because my man is the only one for me”

That’s loyality !

If your like that make sure that your man will kill concrete for you.

3. The Cookie

A Man needs to be physically engaged with the woman he loves. It’s the thing we  appreciate the most. Take our job away, our house, our Xbox..we don’t care but don’t hold out on the cookie.

This is serious it’s not a joke, nearly all relationships break because of this reason. And that is because women don’t understand that men can’t live without it.

Men do all of the emotional stuff like talking, cuddling, holding hands and bonding because you like this, we don’t care much but we know this is the way you Connect so we do it. The way men connect is by physical engagement.

Imagine if your husband stays a whole month without talking, holding hands..etc well this is how men men feel if you stay a whole month without physical engagement..his love will go dry No matter how much a man loves his wife, his family, his house, his role as the man of the house.

Yes we understand that some days your very tired, we understand this and we don’t ask, but don’t cut us off for successive days. Don’t make us tap your shoulders asking for it, we feel really bad doing this. Because when you don’t ask us for it we feel we are not satisfying you as if we are “Boring”.


You can shop for us, cook dinner every night and make sure our favourite sauce is in the fridge to show us that you’re paying attention and you care but what we really need from you is these 3 things we need to recharge so we can wake up in the morning and go fight that war for you.

If you provide these 3 things you’ll have on your hands a man who will do anything you need and want him to do for you..simple ;)

God created us different so we can complete one another, and we must understand these differences so that we can live together in harmony.

Hope to have helped

This Article was inspired from those 2 great books:

Act like a Lady, Think like a Man by Steve Harvey
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

2 thoughts on “Mind Set of Men and Women – Part 3

  1. I found this article borderline offensive, not for me, but for women around the world because it so vehemently insists on the typical man and wife model of the women being the housewife. This is not the model we should tailor our advice towards man.

    1. Thank you for your reply.
      Sorry, but I do not understand what is offensive in the title :)
      Also I’m making stereotypes and generalizations in this article and that is normal every article must have some degree of generalization. I’m talking about the majority of Men and Women.
      Although I did not say anything about the housewife model, I agree on it because I see my wife as the person who I trust to take care of the house and the children.

      Thanks again Nazim.
      To understand my view towards women, you can read this article:

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