Mind Set of Men and Women – Part 2

Love..the most misunderstood feeling.

All People talk about it but no one can give it a clear definition because the definition of love itself is different for each person, and this is what I’m going to talk about in this article.

How Men Love

If you are a woman and you wanna know if a man has fallen in love with you and really wants you to be the woman he spends his life with, well if he does all of the following 3 things..then know that he has fallen ;)


If your man loves you then he is going to introduce you to everybody, his family, his friends..etc as

This is my Lady

and you won’t have the title “Freind” anymore. When a man gives you an official title then know that you have seriously booked a place in his heart.


If a man sits on the coach doing nothing not even searching for a job while you work with all of your energy to help provide your family then know that this man doesn’t care for you. Men if they had the energy they would work 24/7 so that they can make sure their families are financially safe even if this over working will cause them to die.

And please women don’t say

I pay for my dinner so he knows I don’t need him

That’s really really bad, cause we enjoy helping and providing for you when we feel you don’t “Need” us men we feel our love go dry, cuz this is one of the ways we give love and its putting all our energy to hunt a pray for you, even if it’s -40 degrees outside we would still go to make that hunt so that we make sure you don’t sleep hungry.


If a man loves you then know that your man will destroy anything and everything in his path to make sure that whoever disrespected you pays for it. That is our nature we love you by making you feel as safe as possible. Your man could  be coming home after a double shift (dead tired) and it’s all dark outside and you where going to take out the trash to the trash bin  at the end of the street, he will take the trash from you and do it himself..because he is afraid on you as it’s not safe at night.


A true man may not go shopping with you, may not listen for you talking for hours and hours but he will drive you to work. When your sick he may not hold your hand all the time but he surely will go to the ends of the earth to get you the medicine you need. He may not willingly change the diapers or wash the dishes but he sure will give his life to protect you from anyone who tries to harm a hair from you.

If a woman does not allow her husband to Profess, Provide and Protect her then  it’s no surprise that today we find many strong independent but lonely women.

If a woman has her own house, car, money, an alarm system, a pistol and a guard dog then this woman is writing on her forehead

I don’t need a man

So take care and allow him to express his love for you and know that by preventing him he will feel he lost his role in the family and his love will die gradually.

Thank you for reading hope to have helped.

This Article was inspired from those 2 great books:

Act like a Lady, Think like a Man by Steve Harvey
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

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