Mind Set of Men and Women – Part 1

I am making a series of articles that discuss the differences between men and women. Fights occur between Men and Women because they don’t understand their differences, they where taught by the society that they are equal and if you think they are not equal then your labeled a sexist !

In this article I show the differences between them when they talk and listen.

Women always complain that Men never listen, and Men always complain that women always complain..lol

So, what’s the problem ?

The problem is that Men and Women Talk in different languages and Listen in different ways ..

I have 2 Scenarios that really clarify these differences, the first scenario is between a girl and a girl the second is between a girl and a guy.


Girl 1: I walked into work today and before I could get to my desk, guess who I saw ! It was Tanya walking over to the coffe machine and wouldn’t you know that girl had on the same shirt as me ???

Girl 2: You better stop it. Which one ?

Girl 1: The blue one – you know, the one with the orange flower print ? I got it from that store across town? On sale?

Girl 2: You mean the one you found on the 29.99$ rack in the back ? the same day I found thise shoes at the store just down the street ?

Girl 1: That’s the one ! I wore that shirt to work a few weeks ago and she complimented me on it and next thing I know, she ran to the store and bought my shirt and is wearing it to work! Can you believe it ? Do you know how that made me feel !

Girl 2: Aw, hell to that..That’s horrible. She’s got some nerve.

This Conversation could actually go on and on for hours ;)


Girl 1: I walked into work today and before I could get to my desk, guess who I saw ! It was Tanya walking over to the coffe machine and wouldn’t you know that girl had on the same shirt as me ???

Guy: Really ? Don’t wear it any more.

lol..Men ;)

Let’s analyse what happened in both scenarios.


How Men Listen

When a man is listenning to someone he always keep asking him self

“What is the Point ?” 

When a man is listenning to someone who is upset he keeps asking himself

“How Can I fix this ?” 

How Women Listen

When a woman is listening to someone she always keeps asking her self

“What does this have to do with me ?” 

When a woman is listenning to someone who is upset she keeps asking himself

“What do they need from me ?”

How Men Talk

When men talk they talk, they talk about precise linear things one at a time and when they finish a topic they move to another. We can say that when men talk they do it by “chunks” of the waffle. Once they finish with one topic, they’ll move onto the next waffle “chunk”.

How Women Talk

When women talk .. it’s like eating spaghetti. One strand of spaghetti will touch hundreds of other strands of spaghetti. (i.e. One topic will touch hundreds of other thoughts that they’ll talk about). One topic can create hundreds of other thoughts that they can talk about because women have the ability to multitask so when they talk the talk pours in every direction, actually a woman could start a topic without an introduction for example she could say to you:

I’m really tired of her and her stupid actions I don’t wanna see her face again do you know what she did to me ? she didn’t answer my phone twice ! yet she was online on msn..Did you feed the cat ? anyways I saw this great show today on TV and..etc

And the poor man doesn’t even know who “Her” is, he just says “Oh..really mmm?” you see a man is simple he is just single focused.

Well..sorry to say this but most of the time women talk without any point..they just simply talk so they can relieve stress.

The Clash !

1.When Women Talk and Men Listen

This causes so much trouble for a man and it makes him tired cuz he keeps on trying to know What is the point and he tries to Solve the problem when he listens to a woman.Also when he listens to a woman throwing at him all of her problems, he thinks that she is blaming him, so he feels like a loser.

Lets see some examples:

She: We never go out

He: This is not right, we went out last week

She: Everyone ignores me

He: I’m sure some pay attention to you

She: I want to forget everything

He: If you don’t love your work, then leave it

She: This house is always un clean

He: That’s not true, most of the time it’s clean

She: No one is listenning to me

He: But I’m Listenning to you

pheew :)

As you see the problem is she wants affection and words to empower her but he thinks she is asking him to solve a problem.

2. When Men Talk and Women Listen

When a man is focused on producing a result which may have nothing to do with her, he may want to talk it out as part of his decision-making process. When a woman listens and listens and never finds it having anything to do with her, she is disappointed and thinks her listening was a waste of time.

An Advice to Men

My Dear fellow man, when your woman is talking alot and giving you too much detail know that everything is perfect :)

but If she turns silent or if she talks with

Lack of detail

Then TURN YOUR ALARM ON..something is wrong !

This means she needs your care at that time, the last thing she wants of you is to leave her alone. The only thing she needs from you is a hug and to listen to her till she feels ok again because being cold at this time kills her.

Women are sensitive creatures not like us men they need compassion to survive..so just hear her as much as you can and give her support, don’t solve problems this is not the Algebra class ! and don’t try to get “What is the point” cuz there is no point, she is just talking.

Remember the above examples ? Lets give the solution to them :)

She: We never go out

He(Takes a deep breath): yeah your right, I’m bored of all of this work we need change this rotunie..how was your day, it seems it was a hard one.

She: Yeah ! He wants me to change everything

He: hmm..the new boss ?

She: Yeah..he really stresses me out

He: don’t worry everything is gonna be ok..come here (hugs her)

She: Honey

He: Yeah ?

She: I really don’t know how can I live without you

An Advice to Women

Your Man needs to be felt needed so he can survive and spoil him, some few words of thanks will make his heart melt.

Just because your man is silent for sometime doesn’t mean he ignores you, we just relax by being silent while you relax by talking so please don’t invade our silent time..cuz it really makes us angry

And don’t advice us, yes we know you care but when we want your advice we will ask for it. Because when people advice us we feel they critize us.

For example If your man was riding a car with you and lost the way don’t tell him “You should have gone to x street as I said before..” this really offends him and he feels low.

An Example of the solution to the problem above would be something like this:

She: I’m sure you knew the road perfectly, maybe it’s the stupid map

He: yeah, I’m pretty sure I know it..but don’t worry

She: I’m not worried, I know my man will solve this problem

He: Thank you honey


Men Try to help Women by solving problems and this makes her feel he interupts her, doesn’t listen and wants her to shut up. Women try to help Men by giving them advices and critisims and this makes men lose confidence and get angry.

Men argue for the right to be free while women argue for the right to upset, Men want space while women want understanding..

Hope to have helped anyone who reads this in solving problems that happen in relationships.

This Article was inspired from those 2 great books:

Act like a Lady, Think like a Man by Steve Harvey
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

2 thoughts on “Mind Set of Men and Women – Part 1

  1. I DO Really love the changes you did ! XD
    Although reading some stuff here about how “weird” is woman is Annoying somehow :D ..but yet it is true ;) !
    keep going :) I Love you Blog

  2. Thanks,But to me it’s not annoying we just must understand our differences.
    Most Women are more Creative, can listen better, can use their imagination , care for others ,and can multitask (feeding the baby, ironing the clothes and talking on the phone at the same time ) better than Men. :)
    And I said “Most” not “All”.
    Yeah it’s true, the fight happens when we think we are equal.
    We think differently, talk differently and feel differently.hope to have helped

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